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Cricket Australia

Achieved success using Learnt Business

The Australian Sports Commission launched the Sporting Schools Program as a government initiative to encourage more primary school children to take part in sport-based activities to foster a greater interest in sports and have fun in a safe environment whilst developing healthy sporting habits to last a lifetime.

Key Outcomes

A need to ‘coach the cricket coaches’ to build and develop the right skills with an approach that was suitable, fun and engaging for primary school children.

The Situation

As one of the first National Sports Organisations to implement the program, Cricket Australia recognised that while there were a large number of coaches willing to be part of the program, it was difficult to engage them all and maintain a high standard of coaching that focused on the right techniques for coaching kids.

There was a need to ‘coach the cricket coaches’ to build and practice the right skills with an approach that was suitable, fun and engaging for primary school children.

The Solution

In order for the program to be successful, it was important that the cricket coaches were also seen as ‘ambassadors of the game’ and therefore need to understand the role of the Sporting Schools Program within the school environment. To achieve this goal Cricket Australia, in partnership with Learnt and the workforce management company Brand Influence Group, developed the Sporting Schools Deliverer Online Accreditation Course.

Delivered through a Cricket Australia branded learning and communications platform, the course consists of four interactive online learning modules which provide an overview of the program, the key elements of success and a series of skill-based games supported by video.

Each module is designed to build on the coach’s knowledge and prepare them to successfully administer, manage and coach participants along a skill and game based development pathway that leads into community programs and a lifelong love for the game.

The 24/7 platform makes it flexible for coaches to access learning at a time and pace suitable to them as well as having the option to revisit any module or video to refresh their knowledge.

Benefits to Cricket Australia

  • Implementation of a uniform standard of accreditation program nationally
  • Builds better relationships with the cricket coaches via platform communications
  • Ability for ongoing upskilling of each Cricket Ambassador
  • Up-to-date results/progress on each question and modules provides feedback on where further training is needed

"The platform, which includes live reporting, has enhanced the quality of experience for young children in the school yard. It ensures that participants graduate from the program as more competent young cricketers as well as providing coaches with more confidence to deliver our content."

The Result

Across the first two summer sport school terms of the program, the Cricket Australian platform has enabled a uniform implementation of the program nationally, and empowered coached to learn, communicate and share ideas efficiently and effectively.

  • 140 cricket coaches registered
  • Over 500 hours learning online
  • Over 60 hours completing assessments
  • Over 71% coaches have rated the platform as Good to Excellent.

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